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Exposure to elevated levels of mold can cause a myriad of health concerns. Mold is a known allergen, irritant, and asthma trigger for many with the condition. Some types of mold are known pathogens that can cause infections, especially in people with a weakened or suppressed immune system. It can also cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), a form of pneumonia. Some types of mold, commonly called "black mold" or "toxic mold", can produce toxic substances, known as mycotoxins, as well as microbial volatile organic compounds.

The presence of mold is ubiquitous in the natural environment. The term "black mold" is often misused as it refers to a specific species known as Stachybotrys. Mold most commonly appears as black growth, and typically does not contain Stachybotrys. However, human exposure to elevated levels of any molds in the indoor environment can lead to health issues, increased absenteeism and employee turnover rates, decreased productivity, decreased property values, regulatory violations, and even lawsuits in some circumstances. A thorough mold inspection by a licensed Mold Assessor and comprehensive mold remediation by a licensed contractor it the best way to prevent or resolve these issues.

In 2016, New York State's Department of Labor began enforcing Article 32 of the agency's new Mold Program. It establishes licensing requirements and minimum work standards for professionals engaged in mold assessments and mold remediation. It further prohibits non-licensed individuals and companies from performing projects involving mold.

To address microbial (mold and bacteria) concerns, VOETS offers comprehensive mold inspections to determine the presence and levels of microbial proliferation within a space. Sampling can involve air, dust, water, soil, materials, HVAC components, and other matrices. If mold contamination is found, VOETS offers remediation preparation and oversight, along with clearance testing services, to ensure the issue is handled properly.

Services Include:

  • • Microbial (Mold & Bacteria) Investigations and Assessments
  • • Mold Remediation Plans
  • • NYS Mold Law Compliance
  • • Preventive Programs
  • • Foodborne Pathogen and Kitchen Sanitation Investigations

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